Survivor: Cagayan Episode 12 Recap- “Havoc to Wreak”

by Julian

Many apologies for the super-duper late recap!

Previously on… SURVIVOR!

Spencer had played his idol incorrectly on himself, allowing the leading alliance to take Jeremiah out of the game, leaving Spencer and Tasha alone and without an idol against Tony’s five person alliance. The good news was that it was auction day, meaning they could have a chance to bid for an advantage in the game. Tony also decided that he wanted the advantage, and that he didn’t want either of the outsiders getting it. As a result, the three of them didn’t bid on anything, creating an easy opening for the rest of the tribe to win delicious meals at super low prices. When the advantage came up, however, Jeff revealed it wouldn’t be so easy as to throw down $500 first–anyone who wanted a shot at it would have to pay up and then draw rocks. Once again, luck was not on Spencer’s side, and Tony won the advantage: a clue to the re-hidden idol that Spencer had played. Tasha and Spencer had to put a back-up plan in place, and decided to do so by playing on Tony’s paranoia and penchant for over-playing. Tasha wormed her way in with the women of Tony’s alliance–Kass, Trish, and Jefra–while Spencer whispered in Tony’s ear that Jefra had almost turned on him in the previous vote. Tasha won her third individual immunity in a row, leaving Spencer with nowhere to hide. However, their manipulation of Tony payed off–worried about a possible women’s alliance, he convinced loyal ally Woo to spare Spencer and take out Jefra. With Spencer and Tasha’s votes, Jefra was blindsided, leaving it as a game between Brains and Brawn. 6 remain… who will be voted out tonight?

We’re back from Tribal Council on Night 30, and following the pattern of every other “right after Tribal” scene this season, that means we’re in for an argument, likely involving Kass or Tony–if not both. Let’s go with both.

Once everyone is settled, Tony asks Kass and Trish if they’d like an explanation as to what happened. Trish says thanks, but she’ll pass. Trish says she understood that Tony turned on Jefra before Jefra could turn on him–once again, the fact that she was left out of the loop is of little concern to her. Kass, on the other hand, is not as forgiving. “I’m pissed off,” says Kass. “Another blindside… Jefra taken out, for crossing the Don aka Tony, our Mafia King. Anyone who crosses Tony gets their cement shoes and thrown in the pond.” Kass says that her current alliance didn’t learn their lesson from her last alliance–“don’t leave someone out.”

This is becoming Kass’s recurring gag, if anything else. She often makes very correct observations about how you should play Survivor, but her observations about everything else are completely out of touch with reality. As such, she’s not wrong about the importance of not leaving people out–but she’s completely incorrect in believing it happened to her with Spencer and Tasha back at the start of the merge.

The other issue for Kass is that she is a very emotionally motivated player, but I don’t think she sees herself that way. It seems like she hasn’t totally decided yet if she’s playing to win or playing to create chaos–but after the Jefra boot, it seems to be the latter. “I don’t like to be the one slackjawed at Tribal Council, and that’s now happened twice.” she says. Kass tells Tony that she knew Jefra would be on the outs with him because he’s a “hothead” and Tony, as he is wont to do, immediately gets defensive. “It’s not a hothead [thing], Kass… she wanted to blindside me, I would have been home!” Kass says that Spencer and Tasha want Tony out too, but Tony rightly points out that neither of them ever made a deal with him. Tony blusters about how when he makes a promise he sticks to it, and Kass tells him that she knows he’s proud of himself but that he can kindly shut his face. The two keep bickering and Spencer can only watch in amusement in the background. “I worked with Tony for the last blindside of Jefra, and it really was kind of a one time deal,” Spencer explains. The dynamics on Survivor change every day, and now that Kass and Tony are at each other’s throats, Spencer can only see another opening for himself and Tasha. As the top six head off to bed, Kass continues to fume via confessional–“What the hell am I thinking, sticking with this person? It’s stupid! You play your game, and I’ll play mine–because I’m done with him.”

Cop Talk

The next morning, the women sleep in while Tony regales Spencer and Woo with cop stories. Wasn’t it just a few Tribals ago that Tony was still insisting on keeping up with his “construction worker” farce? I guess everyone knows know. So much for that, Tony. Spencer asks how often Tony gets nervous. “Probably every day, huh?” Woo guesses, but Tony says he never does–he just gets a rush of adrenaline. Spencer tells him he’s messed up. You’re speaking for all of us, Spence. Spencer elaborates in a confessional that he does like Tony the more he gets to know him, but he still thinks that Tony is “lying to everyone all the time out here–and he’s good at it!” Elaborating on the fact that their alliance to blindside Jefra was a one time thing, Spencer explains that Tony is playing harder than anyone else there and that the fact he is so hard to trust makes him dangerous going forward.

The cop stories are briefly interrupted by Spencer noting how late the women are sleeping, and Tony says that Kass is usually up by now. Across the camp, Kass’s ego causes her ears to perk up the second she hears her name. The men move on with their conversation, but Kass hasn’t settled down from the previous night, and the mere mention of her name gets her wheels turning. “Tony’s talking shit about me,” she says to Tasha incredulously. Content to feed the fire, Tasha plays along–“he talks stuff about everybody.”

Trish can't be bothered

Trish can’t be bothered

In what may be the feather on the cap of the “Kass is totally out of touch with reality” plotline, she gets more and more riled up. “He’s over there telling the boys that I’m a bitch,” Kass says. “Did he say you’re a bitch?” Trish asks facelessly. “Yeah! And that he would get me out.” The whole scene is of course juxtaposed with the conversation the men are actually having, which is all about cop stuff. “Apparently he’s getting more stupid every day,” Kass says. “He’s just getting so bold with his trash talking,” she whines in a confessional, “and he’s just made me hate him a little more.”

When Tony comes over to say good morning, Kass immediately confronts him about the shit talking he didn’t actually do. “I heard everything you said about me,” she says. “Are you kidding me?” Tony freaks. It takes all of three seconds for them to revert to the same state they were at in the previous night. Woo tries to clear things up by saying that “we weren’t talking about you,” and Kass says she knows. Woo and Spencer weren’t talking about her–Tony was. “Kass legitimately misheard Tony,” Spencer says, “and Tony is actually telling the truth–which is rare.” Regardless, he feels no compulsion to help clear up the miscommunication. And why would he? “If Kass is mad at Tony, it means she isn’t mad at me,” says Spencer. The longer the argument goes, the more annoyed Tony gets with Kass, but he says in a confessional that even though she’s “off her rocker,” he just wants to stick to the plan, and that he wants to be up against Kass in the end because nobody will vote for her. That might be a problem for him. “Tony moved up a level as a player by making two big moves… now it’s put a red flag out there that Tony is willing to do anything to anybody. All the people who went with him were just cult members. I don’t want to be a cult member! I want to kill the cult leader!” Ding ding ding! It’s classic Kass once again. It’s totally rational for her to be mistrustful of Tony after he twice used people outside the alliance to blindside someone within it, but Kass seems more bothered by the fact that Tony is the power player making the big moves that she wants to be the one to make.


Tony, for his part, knows he needs to do some damage control–he doesn’t want any tension and he doesn’t want Kass conspiring against him, so he approaches her while she sits on the beach stacking rocks for some reason. (Maybe she’s trying to build a pretty decent shelter just usin’ rawks?) His approach, is of course, classic Tony: “Were you jokin’, or did you really thought I was talkin’ about you?” Kass says she knows Tony was talking about her, and the conversation basically devolves into “uh huh!” “nuh uh!” “uh huh!” “nuh uh!” It’s really not even worth posting the transcript for it–at some point, Kass literally says “neener neener, let’s have a big argument!” In the shelter, Tasha watches with wide-eyed horror/amazement. Kass feels pretty pleased with herself regardless, because she relishes in watching people unravel. “I like to see people at their breaking point in this game, because it brings out the worst in them… and I expect that of him, because he’s an idiot.

Tony leaves Kass to her rocks and stews up at camp. “She has to flatter herself,” he gripes, “I want to talk about her. I won’t talk about you, I got nothing to talk about you for!” Trish implores him to let it go, and Tony says he’s good… before continuing to talk about how annoyed he is with Kass. “Kass is convinced she heard Tony talking about her. I don’t really know, but you can’t convince her that the event did not happen,” says Tasha. “If the two of them are at each other’s throats, it takes the target off me.”

Going in Circles

“How old are you, forty? You act like you’re a four year old,” Tony snipes. Kass nods that she is indeed forty–“that’s why I’m composed and you’re not.” And just like that, we’re at our millionth Kass-and-Tony-fighting-in-circles argument in this episode and we’re not even ten minutes in. It goes round and round and round and round and round and I’m amazed the other four players don’t just walk off and decide to vote both of them out just to preserve some sanity in camp. Eventually, Tony asks if Kass is going to vote him out. “You know what? I think I will write your name down,” Kass says with a grin. “You know what’s gonna happen? You’re gonna go home!” And they start on a new cycle of arguing until Tony eventually is too riled up to help himself. “You’ll go home because I got a special idol, that’s why! You guys hear that? I got a special idol!” Tony barks. When asked to produce it, he refuses, and Kass says in a confessional that she doesn’t give much credence to his claims.

The castaways arrive to play for reward in a new challenge, Challenge Pitch, that combines two of productions favorite activities to have castaways do–throwing sandbags and solving puzzles. Split into two teams, each castaway will take turns throwing sandbags at a completed block puzzle belonging to the other tribe, trying to knock out as many pieces of the puzzle as they can. Once one team has knocked down all of the pieces of the other team’s puzzle, all throwing comes to a halt, and one member from each team will head out to re-assemble their team’s wall. Effectively, by knocking down the other team’s puzzle first, you’re ensuring that more pieces of your own puzzle are intact for the puzzle-solving phase. The first team to complete their puzzle wins reward. This week is the seasonal “feel good by helping the locals” reward. The winning team will serve as “Survivor Ambassadors” to a Filipino school, delivering much needed school supplies. They’ll get some time to goof off with the kids, and of course, enjoy a hot meal of burgers and hot dogs.

The challenge begins, with Kass, Spencer and Woo as the Purple Team and Tony, Trish and Tasha as the Orange Team (or Team T, I guess?). It’s pretty dead-even as they lob sandbags at each other’s puzzles. Purple eliminates the entirety of Orange’s wall first, but the Purple team’s puzzle only has two pieces standing by that point and both have been knocked out of place, so it’s not much of an advantage. Continuing to ride their initial designation as “Brains,” Tasha takes the puzzle for Orange while Spencer takes it for Purple. Tasha gets an early lead, while Spencer seems a little confused–but in what may be a first for the season, Kass actually seems to be an asset in the challenge as she starts to direct Spencer. When Tasha asks for some help from her own teammates, they don’t have a lot to offer. Kass stays steady in her guidance and soon the challenge is flipped, with Spencer pulling away. “This is why you never give up!” Probst encourages from the sidelines, nearly orgasming as he often does during a tense challenge. Spencer places the final piece, winning reward for himself, Woo, and Kass, making it the first reward Kass has won all season.

A Jeepney brings the winning team into the schoolyard of the Xavier School for the Gifted (or whatever the school is actually named, I don’t know) and the castaways are immediately swarmed by children after stepping off. Backpacks, books, and basketballs are handed out to smiling little faces. “I’m not really a kid person, and I’ll be the first to say I don’t even really like kids,” says Spencer in a confessional, surprising exactly nobody. “It was a little overwhelming having all these little monsters swarming me… but once I got into it, I did enjoy it, and it kind of surprised me–in a good way–that it was such a positive experience for me.” Kass, being a mother, seems a little more at home, but it’s Woo who really comes to life around the kids. “Today’s reward was a phenomenal opportunity to give back to the Filipino community… the moment we come out, it’s just this mob deep of beautiful young people. It was phenomenal… it was something I’ll hold and possess in my heart for the rest of my life!”  He gets the kids cheering when he shows off some tricks with a basketball, channeling his inner Uncle Cliffy. Once the goody giveaway is over, the kids all gather with the castaways in the auditorium, where Woo dazzles with a martial arts demonstration.

First, a #NinjaStealthMode Flip

First, a #NinjaStealthMode Flip


He follows it up by kicking Spencer's head off

He follows it up by kicking Spencer’s head off

Maybe it’s because she’s a mother and she appreciates Woo’s way with children, or maybe it’s because Woo is inches from kicking Spencer in the face, but for whatever reason, Kass has officially decided for the first time in the game that she actually likes somebody. “I loved Woo doing his martial arts and being an entertainer. He was definitely in his element. Woo’s usually quiet, and this is the most he’s spoken–to a hundred kids,” Kass observes. Part of me wonders if it’s because Woo is finally around people who are on his same mental level and that makes them easier for him to relate to. Okay that was mean–I love you Woo! But in all seriousness, he’s really not the brightest crayon in the box. Kudos to you Survivor, breaking stereotypes, one sexy airheaded Asian at a time.

The castaways leave the kids to go back to class so they can go get some lunch and return to the game. Having decided that she now sees Woo as a potential ally, Kass is eager to get to strategizing. “I actually was pleased that it was us three who came,” she tells the boys, “because this is what I think we should do–we need to flush the idol.” Kass says that the best course of action is for the three of them and Tasha to split their votes between Tony and Trish in a classic Plan Voodoo. If Tony doesn’t play the idol, they knock him out in the revote. If he does, they target Trish on the revote and at the very least, Tony doesn’t have the idol for the next round. Spencer is in full agreement–why wouldn’t he be? He knows that while Kass has screwed him before, as of right now, she’s his best option, so he really doesn’t care. Kass acknowledges that despite the past animosity between her and Spencer, Tony is now the common enemy. “What do I say always bonds people well? Hatred!” Oh Kass, you are truly a gift. You can’t write the shit she says. Spencer says that he’d honestly be very happy going to the end of the game with Woo and Kass, and Kass agrees–“I think it’s a fair three, where there’s no landslide.” I’m trying to decide if it’s Kass not having the benefit of the edit or Kass’s penchant for being completely delusional that’s lead her to believe Spencer won’t obliterate both of them in that scenario, but I’m not going to complain about any move that keeps #TeamSpenSha around. Anyway, Spencer and Kass do most of the hashing out of the plan, and they turn to Woo to get confirmation that he’s in. His response is a blank stare.

It’s like Amanda Kimmel has taken over his body

“Working with Woo is stressful,” says Spencer, “because all I’m getting from Woo is ‘yeah… yeah… something to consider…. right…'” in a dead-on Woo impression. The strategy seems to zoom over Woo’s pretty little head like a low flying plane, and every piece of information seems to threaten a meltdown in his core processor. This reward scene really has been all about Woo, both the good (he’s genuine, goofy, and outgoing) and the bad (he’s got rocks for brains and will never manage to win a jury vote against a semi-competent strategist unless they’re a complete monster). Regardless of how hard it is, Woo knows he has to consider the move. “It’s an individual game,” he says in a confessional, and says that while it would be hard to backstab a long-term ally like Tony, he has to think about what is going to take him forward. When the three of them return to camp, Woo tells Kass and Spencer as they’re making their way up the beach that he’s in–Plan Voodoo is in motion. Of course, we all know that Tony has the Super Idol, so he won’t actually be going home tonight… but still, there is chaos in the air. “I like that Woo took the time to think about it,” Kass says. “It shows me that he’s not just knee-jerk in this game.” Okay, seriously–somebody needs to make a Survivor: Cagayan drinking game where you drink every time Kass contradicts herself.

The winning trio returns to the shelter to reunite with the losers, and after being reunited with Spencer, Tasha heads off for a catch-up in the woods where Spencer fills her in. “Do you totally trust Woo?” Tasha asks. “Hopefully he’s with us,” says Spencer. “If he isn’t, Tony now knows everything… Tony reads people very well. It’s really hard to lie to him.”

Woo does strategy

We get a Gilligan Cut back to the shelter where Trish and Tony are pondering if Woo could have been flipped while on the reward. Tony says they’ll simply ask him–they both know that if Woo says nothing happened, he’s lying. Tony beckons over his “Karate Kid” and asks what went down on the reward. “Kass and Spencer are saying we should take out Tasha,” Woo lies unconvincingly. For as paranoid as Tony is, not even he is falling for it. “That’s their strategy talk? Where does that leave Spencer?” Tony asks incredulously. “I dunno,” says Woo, channeling his inner Rudy Boesch. The whole scene is painful to watch–if Woo’s strategy talk with Spencer and Kass made him look dim, the grilling from Tony shows that the lights aren’t just dim, they’re not even turned on. Tony says that he expected Spencer to propose, well, exactly the plan that was proposed, but Woo keeps claiming it didn’t happen. “It didn’t make no sense at all, and I’m sayin’ to myself ‘okay, so you’re lyin’ to me!’ I might have been wrong about Woo all along,” says Tony.

Immunity Challenge

The final six arrive for their #ImmunityChallenge and Trish has nearly frozen to death before they can even get started. Jeff again takes the necklace from Tasha, reminding her that she is a victory away from tying Kelly Wigglesworth’s record for immunity wins by a woman, set in the very first season. Today’s challenge is called Combo Platter and it’s all about confusion. The castaways each start at a giant lock box with six number wheels, each wheel corresponding to an item station that is on the other end of the course. The castaways must run from their lock to the item stations and count the items in each station, before running back and entering the numbers into their combination lock. If all six numbers are correct, the castaway will be able to pull a handle out of the lock box and use it to smash a tile, ending the challenge and winning them immunity. It sounds simple on paper, but it is likely a lot more difficult in practice. First, you have to make sure you’re actually counting all the stations correctly, and then make sure you remember all the numbers correctly on your way back. It’s a recipe for getting muddled and confused, but if Tasha is going to tie Kelly’s record, this seems like the challenge where she’ll do it.

Counting Stations

There’s no real way to tell how close anyone is during the challenge–who is counting right? Who is remembering the most? After their first attempts, Tony, Spencer, and Tasha are all wrong. Woo is back next with a big grin, but is wrong also. Jeff notes that Trish is giving a huge effort given that she can “barely move” and has “no muscle left on her body,” which means it would be a huge victory for her–but she isn’t right either. After 25 minutes in, we have nothing except for a sad montage of people frustratedly yanking on their locks. “Keep fighting guys!” Jeff tells them. “Somebody’s going to win this!” Don’t be so sure, Jeff. For all we know, we could be here all night.

After 25 minutes, Tasha finally comes headed back to her box, having recounted every station–when Tony and Kass suddenly emerge, hot on her tail. It’s a mad rush to get the numbers in and try the lock once more. Kass is wrong, Tony is wrong, Spencer and Trish are running back to their locks, and Tasha gets her final number in place. She pulls on the lock…

And nothing. She’s wrong, but Spencer isn’t. His baton slides out and he smashes his tile before collapsing to his knees, having just won himself Individual Immunity. Jeff tells Tasha she was one off on the bamboo for most of the challenge–that close to tying the record. For now, the necklace belongs to Spencer, and the Solarrion Tribe heads back to camp.

Boom goes the dynamite

Boom goes the dynamite

“Everyone was in that,” Spencer says back at camp. “It’s anybody’s game in this challenges,” Tony agrees. “That’s what I’ve been saying, but nobody believes me!” says Tasha, clearly trying to diffuse the threat status that her three-in-a-row streak has put on her. “Yeah, but the same two people keep winning!” Tony cries, contradicting himself. “I’m so bummed I didn’t win the immunity challenge,” Tasha says in a confessional, “but I’m not done yet. There’s still havoc to wreak,” she says with a giggle.

Off in the woods, Tasha joins Spencer and Woo to wreak said havoc. Spencer notes that the most important part of the plan was accomplished–neither Tony or Trish won–so now it’s just a question of splitting the votes. They agree on the time honored tradition of “Guys vote X, Girls vote Y” with Spencer and Woo planning to vote for Tony, leaving Tasha and Kass to vote for Trish. Woo knows that Tony’s probably going to freak out when he flips, but Spencer reassures him that it’s the best move for Woo to be making. Tasha says that as quiet and stealthy as Woo is, she has no choice but to hope he’ll be true to his word. In the meantime, all she can do is put on an act to keep Tony’s suspicions from being aroused.

“I pretty much know the writing’s on the wall,” Tasha tells Tony. “You know how it is, Tash, man, you’re a powerful player! Right now, I think it’s you tonight, but who knows?” Tony tells her. “We’ve been through a lot, and I’m glad to have made 33 days,” she says. The moment she’s out of earshot, Tony starts to (surprise!) freak out. “She’s too comfortable,” he frets to Spencer, “and when did you ever see her concede?” Tony says that Tasha’s lack of scrambling is cluing him in to the fact that something is up. Tony panics aloud to Trish, Woo and Spencer, and says that because she’s so comfortable, he’s definitely playing his idol that night. “You should play your idol tonight,” Trish agrees. Tony reiterates in his confessional that he has two idols, and that he doesn’t want to play the special idol, but will have to if his bluff is called and the votes come in against him. Spencer asks Tony if he’s serious about having the special idol. “I have plenty of stuff, kid. At this time, I cannot confirm or deny it.” Oh Tony. You can’t write this shit.

Down on the beach, Tasha and Kass confirm that the plan is good, and Tasha makes sure that Kass won’t forget why they’re targeting Tony–because he’s eliminated any player who he even thinks could be a risk to cross him in the future. “He’s like our version of Russell Hantz,” laughs Tasha. “He’s such a dick,” Kass agrees. Except now all of a sudden, the fact that he’s a dick means Kass doesn’t want to vote him out. “Hypothetically, if everybody hates him as much as I do, it actually can change my strategy. One thing I’ve learned in this game is that it changes every hour… is [Tony] our Russell who makes it to the end and thinks he’s God’s gift, and everybody’s like ‘you’re a total douchebag?’ I have to make a decision tonight, based on [if] I can beat Tony in the final Tribal… and nobody ever gives the jerk the money.” Drink. Kass is right that Tony might not be the worst person to sit next to in the end–but she’s missed the part where she’s also that jerk who nobody will give the money to. “This is the position I love, where I’m the one making the decision,” she finishes in her confessional while she pulls Woo aside to discuss going back on their plan. Woo stares blankly, stutters, and gives a few “I dunnos,” effectively leaving the call in Kass’s hands as they head off to Tribal. Wherever Kass goes, Woo will follow.

The jury of Beauties (and Sarah) file in as the six remaining castaways take their seats at Tribal Council. As usual, Jeff starts with the obvious–Tasha and Spencer are the outsiders, and for the first time in a long time, Tasha doesn’t have the necklace to protect her. Tasha says it’s pretty clear for a while that she’d be on the chopping block the second her neck was bare, but she points out that there are other threats in the game–namely Tony, who she says has been talking non-stop about his supposed multiple idols. Tony goes to flip it and throw it right back in her face. “Today her scrambling was far from the regular… she’s won half the immunity challenges, so her not being worried makes me worried, and that’s why I’ve got my bag with me again tonight!” “Of tricks?” Jeff asks for confirmation/comedic purposes. Tasha counters that everyone is painting her as the “queen of immunity challenges” while ignoring the fact that Tony is the biggest strategic threat and has been responsible for the ousters of most of the jurors. Tony says that Tasha is deflecting the target off of herself by trying to put a seed in people’s heads, but he is confident that his alliance is sticking solid. “We’re tight, we’re loyal, we’re honest with each other, and that’s how we’ve been all along.” Kass says Tony’s claims are a little disingenuous, and she says that when they’re so close to the end, she’d be paranoid if she had a “bag of tricks.” Jeff says that if the group consensus is that Tony indeed has two idols, this seems like the perfect time to flush one, and Kass agrees. “But Jeff, why would they want to flush they idols if we’re together?” Trish backs Tony up, telling Jeff that Tony showed the idol to everyone his alliance and has promised it will be given up to whoever in the alliance may need it. Jeff asks Woo about why you’d want to flush the idol and Woo tries his hardest to give a coherent answer. I think the point is something along the lines of the farther Tony gets with the idol, the more powerful he becomes? It’s hard to understand Woo when he’s trying to talk strategically. Spencer points out that Tony has a pattern of blindsiding half his alliance and then taking the shaken up remnants and scooping them back in his control. “I’m wondering when it’s going to change,” Spencer says. “But I’m excited! Tony did bring his bag of tricks, and I’m excited to see what’s going to come out of it after a long wait tonight!” Everyone giggles.

Jeff does one more round of final predictions before the vote. Woo cagily says that “We agreed upon one thing, and the votes gonna be, uh, what we agreed upon.” Tony just wants the four to stick together and for Tasha to go home. Kass says that it’s fun to fantasize that you’re in the final three, but first you have to get there, and that she thinks there certainly could be a blindside. A blindside is exactly what Tasha is hoping for–“even in the rain,” she says with a grin.

Spencer and Tasha follow through with the plan, casting their votes respectively for Tony and Trish. We don’t see the votes from anyone else, only an overhead shot of Woo as he votes. “You’re a hell of a player–I’m sorry I put your name down. You played an awesome game.”

Jeff goes to tally the votes, but is there really any suspense? The big question is if Tony will open his bag of tricks, and the answer… is no. Jeff reads the votes: one for Tasha, one for Tony, one for Trish. The next vote is for Tasha, and it’s followed by the deciding blow. In a 4-1-1 vote, Tasha becomes the twelfth player voted out of Survivor: Cagayan and the sixth member of the jury.

Tasha’s torch is snuffed and my heart breaks into a million pieces as she walks off into the night. Jeff can only give some encouraging words to Spencer, who now appears to be totally alone, reminding him that unpredictability is always present in this game.

Ugh. A major factor in this recap being up so late is that I was just not thrilled about rewatching the episode in which my favorite contestant in a long time got booted. Cagayan is the first season in a while to not have any spoilers surrounding it, and even when you try to avoid them, people of the internet can’t help but leak them where they aren’t wanted. For the past few seasons, it’s been difficult to really pull for people when you already have a fairly solid idea of if and when they’re out. Not knowing what could happen next has made Cagayan all the more of a blast, and having a contestant to pull for who actually seemed like they could be the winner was the icing on the cake. Don’t get me wrong–I’m going to enjoy the hell out of the last few episodes of this season, but I really wish Tasha could have scraped by a few more rounds, because she’d have handily beaten any combination of players in the Final Tribal Council. And because of that, I can’t fault her competitors for knocking her out when they had the chance. Unfortunately for Kass, she made yet another major error–not in voting Tasha out, but in making a plan to keep Tasha and then not following through with it. Now Tony isn’t the only one on the course making unnecessary moves. This episode also has opened up an interesting new possible avenue going towards the finals, because up until this point, Woo seemed like he would only make the finals with Tony, but a major connection has now been built between him and Kass. I have a strong suspicion that the two of them are two of our three finalists–and that the person in the third seat is going to scoop up the votes they won’t be getting to win it all.

Next time on… SURVIVOR!

#ChaosKass is relishing in doing what she does best: making a big mess that freaks people out. But if she thinks she’s got a clear shot, she better think again, because Malnutrisha is having none of it. If Kass is lucky, Trish won’t berate her into quitting. It’s just one more battle not to be missed on this season of near constant warfare.