by Julian

Sooooo after a lot of hemming and hawing I’ve finally decided to start a blog. And who am I, you ask?

Well, that answer depends on who you ask. But the short version is I’m just some guy who is absolutely obsessed with Reality TV. And I’m talking the real stuff, the good stuff–no Kardashians or their docu-soap ilk here. I’ve always been a people-watcher and passionate observer of social norms and customs with a gift for being able to express my thoughts with my words. So in Undergrad, when I found out there was an entire branch of Social Science–Sociology–that is completely devoted to people watching and analyzing, I was elated to say the least. And the more I studied sociology, the more I fell in love with Reality TV, being given a progressively growing tool set with which to pick it apart.

My interest in Reality TV is twofold. I love it as a storytelling medium because I am fascinated by the way that the editors have to condense the experiences of a cast in the midst of what is, in some essence, an accidental social experiment, and turn it into a story with characters that can engage viewers and leave them feeling satisfied. And I love it as a reflection of society, using the actions and behaviors of real people in contrived situations to reflect the attitudes of our society, for better or worse.

For the most part, this blog will focus on recaps of currently airing shows that I’m following and enjoying, as well as Retro-caps of previous seasons of shows that I love, re-opening them for further analysis. For the most part, I’ll be focusing on my favorite show–Survivor, including recaps of the current season, Survivor: Cagayan–but I’ll also dip into other shows, such as America’s Next Top Model, The Amazing Race, and many of the classic VH1 Dating Shows and their many, many spin offs. For the near future, however, you can look forward to two things. One, as previously mentioned, are weekly recaps of the current Survivor Season. Within this week, I also plan to begin the first in a series of Survivor Retrocaps of the three Survivor seasons thusfar to feature a Battle of the Sexes format–Amazon, Vanuatu, and One World–followed by a comparative analysis of these three seasons and the way that splitting the Tribes by sex influences the game of Survivor.

So yeah, that’s the basic idea… let’s talk Reality TV.